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Top 6 Local SEO Tips for Small Businesses

The importance of professional local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on your small businesses website is more important now than ever, with the high proliferation of mobile devices, for instance there were an estimated 2.5 billion smart phones in 2018, and Google Maps, which is not only available on smart phones, but also integrated into many cars' navigation systems. Here are our top 6 local SEO tips for small businesses:

1. Make sure that your main keywords are included near the beginning of your website's homepage meta-title and that they are included in your website's homepage meta-description, so that you will have a fighting chance for ranking higher on Google and the other main search engines, such as Yahoo! for your main local keywords. Next you will want to follow your main keyword or key phrase with your brand name. For instance, if you are a personal injury law firm, such as Diamond and Diamond in Toronto, Ontario, here's what a good meta-title and meta-description would look like.

Meta Title: Personal Injury Lawyer Toronto | Car Accident Lawyer Toronto

Meta Description: Toronto personal injury lawyers and car accident lawyers serving across Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta | Diamond and Diamond Lawyers.

2. Add your businesses address, phone number, and Google map location(s) to the homepage of your website.

3. If you have a video on your homepage, make sure that the title includes one of your main keyword phrases that you want to rank for, such as "Dentist London Ontario".

4. Add in the most relevant links to your homepage navigation footer area, such as Contact and some of your main service or product pages, which you want to rank high for.

5. Make sure that you include your main keywords and phrases in the main headings and ALT image tag descriptions for your homepage.

6. Lastly make sure you include your Google reviews on your homepage, since these can also play a major role in ranking your website for the keywords you want to rank for. This can be done simply by having your web developer who maintains your website install a Google Reviews WordPress plugin, such as Google Reviews Business if it is a WordPress-based site or have it custom coded if it is an HTML or other type of CMS-based website, such as Joomla or Squarespace.

Need Help With Improving Your Small Businesses SEO Rankings and Organic Search Traffic? Call us Today at (226) 224-7534 for a Free SEO Audit or Consultation.

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