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    What are the Main Benefits of Facebook Advertising?

    With over 2.2 Billion Facebook users, 75% of which are active daily, Facebook Advertising is a very cost effective advertising solution for many businesses to reach and engage with their customers in innovative ways, such as video ads, carousel image ads, multi-product listing ads, and dynamic ads (to name a few). Moreover, Facebook Ads have some of the most incredibly precise targeting and re-targeting data tools, such as Website Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, and Audience Insights. In addition, you can track the Cost Per Conversion for any of your Facebook ad campaigns for any sales that have occurred on your website. This way you will know exactly where your advertising dollars are being spent and the ROI from each campaign, so you don’t have to keep on playing poker in the dark with your advertising budget!

    Why Trust Renaissance Digital Marketing as Your Facebook Ads Management Provider?

    We are one of the most affordable Facebook Ads management agencies in London, Ontario who have experience with running and consulting on dozens of successful campaigns for a wide variety of different types of businesses, such as e-commerce stores, retail stores, dentists, real estate agents, and a travel tour company.

  • Facebook Ads Case Studies

    Safe Home Fireplace

    Marquis Fireplace Collection FB Ad Campaign

    This ad campaign was designed to introduce the new Marquis Collection of premium fireplaces for Safe Home Fireplace and was run for a week at $15/day on both mobile and desktop devices, which led to 265 link clicks at a cost per click (CPC) rate of $0.41 and reached 7,403 people on Facebook.

    Maggie Pisco - William Raveis Real Estate

    Ad Campaign 1: Mamaroneck, NY (Seller Leads)

    Set up this 4-day Facebook ad campaign to generate new seller leads for Maggie Pisco in April 2017. It led to 190 post engagements (mostly clicks) at a cost of $0.22/engagement and total campaign cost of $42.

    Ad Campaign 2: (Buyer Leads)

    Set up this Facebook ad campaign with two seperate ads to test the ad copy to generate buyer leads for Maggie Pisco in May 2017. It led to 250 post likes, 10 comments, and reached over 31, 000 highly targeted potential home buyers in Weshchester County, NY.

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