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    What is Google Ads?

    Google Ads is the premiere Pay Per Click (PPC) digital advertising platform on the planet used by millions of businesses, including Fortune 500 companies to small local mom and pop shops to generate more online sales leads and revenue for their business.

    Who Should Use Google Ads?

    Although most think Google Ads is primarily for local physical based businesses, such as dentists, lawyers, clothing stores and restaurants, the reality is that many businesses without a physical storefront, such as Microsoft, SalesForce, and IBM use Google Ads effectively to increase their online leads and sales.

    What are the Main Benefits of Google Ads V.S. Traditional Advertising or Facebook Ads?

    1. You can find your customers where and when they are searching for your company's products or services, and run text and display ads on similar websites for the most profitable keywords and key phrases related to your product and services. 
    2. Since a lot of people no longer read print newspapers, listen to the radio or even watch cable T.V. these methods of advertising are much less cost effective and effective in general at reaching your target audience. In contrast, Google Ads PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising allows you to target specific countries, regions, interest groups, device users, and previous website visitors so that your ads reach the right people at the right time when they are thinking or actually purchasing products and services like yours. 
    3. Since you can track the Click Through Rates, CPM's (Cost Per a Thousand Impressions), Cost Per Click, etc. in Google Ads it is easy to calculate what the ROI is for your Google Ads campaigns. 
    4. Although Facebook Advertising is an excellent option for many businesses, such as retail stores, restaurants, e-commerce stores, it isn't necessarily the best for seasonal businesses, such as travel tour companies, or B2B companies, where the majority of their customers discover their services on search engines, such as Google and Yahoo! rather than Facebook. 

    Why Choose Renaissance Digital Marketing to Manage Your Google Ads Campaigns?

    We provide some of the most affordable Google Ads Management packages! And have been able to generate ROI's for our clients up to 400%!

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